Tubbataha Reef Tour 5 - 11 April 2004

Some pictures from above and under the surface...

This preliminary site was initially intended just for the participants on the dive trip, but Alli asked me if it was all right to publish the www address in the Asia Divers' Newsletter. So I naturally said yes.

There are no ambitions at all to make this site fancy; the purpose is just to display some of the pictures that were shot during the trip. The resolution is rather low even if you enlarge the pictures by clicking on them but it would take endless time to download and display larger files. If you would like to have one of the pictures in high resolution (around 1 MB), please just drop me a line. I will then send it to you any day - Philippine time...

Just as expected the underwater pictures suffered from not always fully cooperative fishes, too weak flash, and maybe some amateur pressing the shutter release... When it comes to the shots from above the surface it is not really the camera's fault if the subjects sometimes are somewhat blurred...

All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them. The picture size is between 60 and 130 kB.

Please give me your comments! Initially I intended not to comment any pictures for obvious reasons - but now that nobody can argue since I am sitting on the password to the site, I take the chance...

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I hope you will enjoy the pictures at least 10% of how much we enjoyed the trip.

Take care and dive safely.

Björn W


Trying to organize the equipment and gear at Puerto Princesa airport.

Patty, Alli and Sten waiting at the hotel in Puerto Princesa.

Luca, our youngest participant, demonstrating the nobler part of his body.

Our boat, M/Y Tabibuga, at the Puerto Princesa harbour.

Going through the plans, regulations, and safety matters.

Patty preparing her excellent Thai/Filipino food complementing the cooking skills of Jun.

Simon preparing for dinner.

We didn't really lose weight during the week.

Dani was preparing to meet the mermaids.

The Tubbataha Rangers visited us and gave us Visitor's Pass

... and then they left after having gotten some coffee as well.

Simon prepared himself for the first dive.

And so did Serena.

And also Dani.

Giant Stride Entry as demonstrated by The Diving Queen of the Philippines. (I wonder what PADI would say...?)

Sten is all smiles after his dive.

The water was so warm so even Alli could dive without her standard 12 mm wetsuit.

Just look at the smile.

Jessica logs her dives.

Simon and Serena enjoy Jun's food.

Luca is practicing the basic PADI skills with daddy Dani.

But maybe it is better to swim in the bucket under the supervision of mummy Jessica.

Filipinas and babies; what else is there to say?

Noli is filling the tanks.

Everything seems to be OK for Alli.

This trip is really something to write home to Canada about.

Alli, Björn, and Patty sporting the Swedish colours before dinner.

The North Reef in sunset.

Serena is greeting you.

And Patty welcomes everyone.

There were lots of turtles.

And this one was slowly cracking the corals. You could even hear the sound when the coral cracked.

Patty could even touch her friend. (Why do Filipinos always need to touch everything under water?)

Alli found this friendly turtle.

Sten posing with a sea fan.

And most fishes were fed up with all stupid divers swimming around with cameras.

And now the BIG thing - the WHALE SHARK. The one met us at around 15 meters just off Jessie Beazley Reef.

Alli was furthest away from the wall when the whale shark passed - and she held the camera.

But we were actually all happy that Alli did not swim closer; maybe the whale shark would have mistaken her for a plankton...?

Bye bye for this time.

Lots of reef sharks every day.

And the way they move in the water can not be imitated even by the fanciest movie software.

Lots of lobsters as well, but we did not pick anyone for dinner!

M/Y Tabibuga from the angle she should be spotted.

We were safe in the hands of Captain Jojo.

Heading towards the Middle of Nowhere.

Even the crew could sometimes take a meal break between their excellent service to us.

While Jojo was resting or diving, we also felt safe in the hands of Co-Captain Jun.

Comments unnecessary...

Sten enjoying a book on upper deck. This was also the only cool place to sleep during night time.

Even a Diving Queen can get tired.

San Miguel will pay millions for this shot.

We admired the sunset every evening.

And from these clouds we enjoyed some lightning later in the evening.

The crew was really worth the full tip box.

Last sunset on the way back to Puerto Princesa.

Back row - Asia Divers' Crew:
Björn, Serena, Simon, Jessica, Dani, Sten, Alli, and Patty.
Front row - M/Y Tabibuga's Crew:
Noli (engineer), Edwin (Dive Master), Jojo (Captain), Jun (Co-Captain) with Luca, Boy (Engineer), Abe (Chief Engineer), and Jun (Cook).

Everything has an end - but we will surely be back!

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