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Everybody seems to be blogging or at least have his own homepage nowadays, so I thought I had better have one as well. To keep a homepage updated is naturally one of those endless tasks in Life, but when I have some moments of spare time I will try to develop it with both new areas and maybe some technical features.

The main focus is on dive trips since that seems to be of common interest.

In addition, and on the more family oriented plane, there are some sites describing what my daughters are doing here and there.

And finally, there is a site describing a somewhat different type of wedding for one of my oldest friends.

I have not spent much time on technical features (and I don't know how to make them work either).

Some of the sites include a large number of pictures so it will take some time just to open the site (if you have a rather slow Internet connection).

To get a larger image of the pictures displayed on the various pages, please just click on the picture and it will enlarge (after some time depending on the speed of your Internet connection). If you would like the get the original photo, please just contact me.

Pictures from the dive trip to Tubbataha Reef, Philippines, in April 2004.

Pictures from the dive trip to Apo Reef, Philippines, in October-November 2004.

Pictures from the dive trip to Apo Reef, Philippines, in October-November 2004, but more oriented towards what my daughters experienced.

Pictures from Elisabet's Divemaster Course at Asia Divers during Christmas and New Year 2005-2006.

Pictures from diving at Asia Divers 24 December 2006 -- 01 January 2007 and a tour to Payatas Dumpsite in Quezon City.

Pictures from diving in Palau in February 2007.


Pictures from Kanjana and Greg Boulden's wedding in Bangkok on 5th October 2008.

Pictures from the trip to the U.S. in June 2004 to bring my youngest daughter Elisabet back to Sweden from her High School year 2003 - 2004.

Pictures from the visit to Singapore with Katarina and Elisabet in November 2004.

Bilder från Elisabets flyttning till Lund 2007 (in Swedish only).


Ulf och Roselie Hanssons bröllop midsommarafton 2007 (in Swedish only).

En länk till mor Karins resa till Sydostasien i mars - april 2014 (in Swedish only).

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