Kanjana's and Greg's Wedding
th October 2008

Quite a few pictures from a very unique wedding

This is one way of telling you all what Patty and I experienced in Bangkok during a very unique Sunday;

the WEDDING between Kanjana and Greg Boulden.

I learnt to know Greg during my consultancy work for Asian Development Bank (ADB) in a project intending to provide Asia Energy Corporation (Bangladesh) Pty Ltd with a loan for exploration and mining of coal in Northern Bangladesh.

The Summary Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) for the project is found here on ADB's web site.

We then met on and off in Singapore and shared a couple of Tiger Beers and Stingrays at Newton Hawker Center.

(If anybody would like to see some nice pictures of larger mantas rays, please click here and be linked to underwater pictures from our dive trip to Palau.)

During our last session in mid August 2008, Greg told me about his fiancée, Kanjana, in Thailand, and invited Patty and me to their House Warming Party in Phuket on 3rd October 2008. And he did not mention anything about a WEDDING.

And when I followed up regarding the House Warming, Greg suddenly told me he was going to get MARRIED.

So there we were, Patty and I just about to participate in a Muslim WEDDING in Bangkok. Tickets from Manila and Singapore were arranged to Phuket for the House Warming and then onwards to Bangkok for the WEDDING. And to make a long short we had a fantastic and unforgettable weekend!!!

I'm often carrying around my digital camera wherever I go, so below, please find the result.

The pictures below are cropped and size reduced to fit the webpage and reduce the time for opening the website. If you click on the pictures they will open in larger format and higher resolution (1280 * 1024  pixels or less; approximately 300 kB). The original digital pictures are with me and I have also sent most of them on a CD to Greg.

The pictures show most of the people attending the wedding with focus, of course, on Kanjana and Greg. They rarely show Yours Truly - and that is just as good...

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I hope you will enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I participating in the WEDDING and shooting the pictures!

And finally, the texts are to be blamed on me and quotations are not always literal...

Björn W

Gathering for Transportation

We met at the Westin Hotel along Sukhumvit at 09.45 am. Greg had been very clear that the bus would depart at 10.00 am sharp and if anybody was late; he would be left behind. Some of us were a bit early in the lobby.

Gary and Nana. Gary is sporting his Bangladeshi outfit.

Patty and Bjorn sporting a sari from Malaysia and a full Bangladeshi dress suitable for a wedding guest. "Smart but not too formal" had been the ordered dress code from Greg.

Patty and Greg are warming up for the happy day.

According to some tradition, the groom should be dressed by his friends on the day of wedding. So here is the first attempt to fix the sherwani...

... and now properly done.

Some guests in the lobby thought it was some kind of fashion show.

The bus left Westin Hotel at 10.10 am. For anybody who thought this was 10 minutes late, Greg explained:
"No, it is 30 minutes early - Bangladeshi time..."

Greg was explaining theories about the married life.

Arrival at Kanjana's mother's place

It was Election Day in Bangkok so it took some time to reach the house of Kanjana's mother, but eventually we got there.

Kanjana's mother accompanies Greg to a house for some preparations.

The whole community was cheering.

We all squeezed in.

Flower and flowers all over.

Special cakes had been prepared.

The young ladies had their tasks too.

"What are they talking about? Should I get nervous?"

The local band was warming up.

Kanjana's mother accompanies Greg to her house where the Bride was waiting.

The Wedding


The party tents were raised.

The Muslim Wedding Ceremony started.


One party in the Wedding seems to be a bit hot
- and the other party very cool.






Serious talk among men..



Greg had not forgotten the ring!


Formalities: "Is this really Greg Boulden?"

Please just sign on the dotted line!



Gary was about to getting married too - or was he selling off the project in Phulbari?


Everybody was anxious to see what was happening.





Food time.


Gary was revealing some secrets to Kanjana.



The young...


... and the old were enjoying the ceremony and the food.








Maybe the Muslim "four-wife" idea might not be that bad...




Music time.


Greg was outlining the plans for Kanjana's and his future.

Some of the boys were more meant for an arctic climate than the warm atmosphere at the Wedding.

And Kanjana's mother seemed to be happy and satisfied with her son-in-law.

Thank you and good bye!

Back at the Westin Hotel

You get exhausted being a bride.

Cheers to everyone and thank you very much for joining us today!

The Dinner






Greg is focusing on his mate to the right...

... but soon realizes in which direction his main focus must be tonight - and forever...!!!
Well, what is there more to say? A very unique experience seems to be the common opinion among us all that participated. Some comments from the e-mails that dropped in to say thank you to Kanjana and Greg:
  • What a treat it was. I must say. We have had a blast. I am still recovering from the gorgeous times we have had.
  • The whole experience was so unique & beautiful, I shall cherish the memories forever.
  • House warming in Phuket and being part of Greg & Kanjana's special day along with some of the best people in the world - PRICELESS......
  • I must say it was a fantastic weekend and would not have missed it for the world, the house warming, wedding it was all great fun.
  • Great wedding, great atmosphere, great friendship & great occasion. We won't forget your wedding day in a very long time.
  • It was an honour to have been part of such an intimate occasion. All the more because we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it!
  • Thanks again Greg & Kanjana for a great time and an opportunity for friends and family alike to get together. Here's wishing you two lots of success and happiness in your new life.
  • It just goes to show how dear you and Kanjana are to all of us, the sheer number of friends reflects our love Mr & Mrs George, Gregory Golden!!

** So finally Patty's and my thank you and sincere wishes for a Happy Future for you **


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